Warning: Werner Herzog’s Next Project Might Shock You


The American Express Unstaged live webcast series has resulted in some pretty interesting bedfellows, a few more surprising than others. There was Arcade Fire and Terry Gilliam; Jack White and Gary Oldman; Duran Duran and David Lynch; My Morning Jacket and Todd Haynes. But the news that legendary experimental filmmaker Werner Herzog — who also has some documentary series in the works — will be directing the live webcast of a Killers concert taking place in the Bronx next month has to be the strangest coupling that we’ve seen thus far. At least we know it will make Mitt Romney happy.

“He has ideas for someone crowd-surfing with a camera on,” Killers bassist Mark Stoermer told Rolling Stone. “He’s gonna put cameras on Ronnie [Vannucci, Jr.] while he’s playing drums.” If anyone can transform a Killers concert into required viewing, it’s Herzog, but we hope that the German auteur has more tricks up his sleeve than he’s currently letting on. Like maybe he could narrate the entire thing! We’d totally watch that.