Watch the Pilot of Ryan Murphy’s New Comedy, ‘The New Normal’


Unless you happen to be a card-carrying member of the anti-gay activist group One Million Moms (and if so, really, what in the world are you doing hanging out here?), you’ll be happy to hear that NBC has decided to post the pilot episode of The New Normal online for audiences to preview ahead of its September 11th premiere date. We can’t think of a Ryan Murphy show that we haven’t enjoyed (at least at first — sorry Glee!), and the cast includes Book of Mormon star Andrew Rannells and the lovely Ellen Barkin, so we’ve got a good feeling about this one. Let’s hope that NBC — a network that’s notoriously ham-fisted when it comes to fostering its comedies — doesn’t muck things up. Check it out now, and let us know if you plan to keep on watching in the comments!

[via Pop Culture Brain]