‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Characters Finally Revealed


Entertainment Weekly unveiled the characters from the upcoming American Horror Story: Asylum, which as its title suggests, brings the delightfully wicked shenanigans from the Los Angeles Murder House to a 1960’s mental institution called Briarcliff Manor. We’ve already seen the creepy teaser trailers, but these new character images provide some spoilery plot details that you may want to steer clear of. We at least wanted to call your attention to this photo of Jessica Lange as a nun. She plays Sister Jude who is charged with the care of the criminally insane — quite the disturbing prospect since EW tells us she’s more “sadistic than saintly.” Lange spoke about the role briefly: “If I were playing a straitlaced nun, start to finish, I can’t say that would interest me too much. What’s great are the extremes. To go from where she was and where she’s getting to, that’s what’s going to be interesting.” Head over to EW if you want to meet more of the Asylum cast, five of which have returned (including folks like Zachary Quinto and Evan Peters), along with a few newcomers — like Adam Levine and Chloë Sevigny. American Horor Story: Asylum premiers October 17.