MTV Finally Cancels ‘Jersey Shore’


Usually when a television show gets cancelled, we’re either extremely upset because it was a series that we loved, or apathetic, because it wasn’t even on our radar. On hearing the news that MTV will pull the plug on Jersey Shore after the upcoming sixth season, what we feel is a sense of relief. Did we, like most of America, get sucked in to watching the first few seasons of this insane, reality TV train wreck? Of course. But we’d say that once the network decided to ship the gang off to their fictional homeland in Season 4 in order to inject some new life into the same old scenarios, it was already well past time to call it quits. And don’t even get us started on Season 5. Anyway, we’re glad that someone over at MTV finally decided to end things now, because the idea of Snooki lugging her new baby into that fetid house is kind of heartbreaking, right? Now if we could just get them to agree to put a kibosh on those various spin-offs that keep cropping up, we would happily call it a day! [via E!]