Hey, Anne Hathaway’s Money-Hungry Ex: Where’s Your Bestie The Pope Now?


According to the NEW YORK POST, RAFAELLO FOLLIERI, otherwise known as the man who brought ANNE HATHAWAY a crazy amount of tabloid exposure, has been sentenced to 54 months in prison.

For what? Defrauding investors out of millions using a picture snapped with the Pope to imply he had pull at the Vatican and could get a discount on church-owned real estate. I feel like anyone dumb enough to fall for that one should be locked up with him, and for twice as long.

Our favorite part of the story: “Prosecutors said Follieri was splurging with money he made from the scam, buying expensive clothes, meals and a $37,000-a-month Manhattan apartment, as well as exotic vacations and private jets for his famous girlfriend.”

But wait, we thought that gullible Princess Mia was the one paying his rent. He certainly can’t be referring to intrepid journalist Andy Sachs — she would have seen right through this scheme.

Regardless, I guess you no longer need a creepy con ex when you’re suddenly playing a bad ass character with some “really cool” Oscar buzz.

So which Hathaway had this bizarre judgment lapse? After the jump we’ve asked JESSICA GROSE over at JEZEBEL to weigh in with her expert opinion.

“I think Anne Hathaway was probably initially swept away by Follieri’s glamor, he was really living large and I think for an actress just coming into her own, that was probably appealing.

Then she started getting quite famous and was in high demand. As a result she was often away on movie shoots, and with that physical separation she probably did not see a lot of his more dastardly deeds. In that sort of long distance relationship, you could get by more on the idea of someone than the reality of them, because you don’t get much face time.

Obviously Hathaway’s idea of Folleri was quite far from the truth.”