An ‘Infinite Map’ of David Foster Wallace’s North America


The futuristic Boston of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is a place both familiar and strange to those who know the area, its real-life landmarks mingling with off-kilter fictional locations. Of course, with over 1000 pages and nearly 400 footnotes, it’s easy to get lost in the world Wallace creates. So we’re grateful to William Beutler for creating Infinite Atlas — a pretty, Google Maps-powered annotated guide to the city and surrounding area — and Infinite Map, a 24″ x 36″ poster of O.N.A.N. (the Organization of North American Nations that encompasses the United States, Canada, and Mexico), which is available for purchase. Both should be great tools for those about to take on the challenge of reading Infinite Jest, but even if you have no intention of picking up the book, just think how smart you’ll look to dates who to see the print hanging on your wall. Click through to get a closer look at Infinite Map.

[via io9]