Watch an Awesome Supercut of Apocalypses on Film


It’s 2012, so we’re sure you’ve been thinking about how you’ll spend your final moment when the end of the world comes calling. But if not, YouTuber Zach Prewitt’s beautifully edited eight-minute supercut of apocalypses on film is guaranteed to give you some ideas. Perhaps you’ll be the type who runs to an iconic public square to stare heavenward in the reassuring company of countless other doomed citizens. Then again, who could fault you for frantically evacuating the city in an attempt to evade the zombies or natural disaster or other miscellaneous dramatic demise that’s in store? Where you ultimately decide to spend your last seconds on Earth doesn’t matter that much, of course, because it’s only a matter of time before those $200 million special effects catch up with you. Watch some of cinema’s most epic apocalypses after the jump, and don’t say we didn’t warn you about the nightmares it’s bound to cause.

[via Have You Seen This?!]