Watch Charles Bukowski Recount the Worst Hangover of His Life


“I’m sitting there, almost dying. I’m sitting at the window, trying to get some air. Just sitting there, and all of a sudden a body comes down — a man, fully dressed, he’s got a necktie on neatly knotted. He seems to be going in slow motion. You know, a body doesn’t fall very fast.” Even if your boozy Labor Day is still haunting you this Thursday, your hangover’s probably got nothing on Charles Bukowski’s. Open Culture has dug up the truly strange video below, in which the renowned poet and notorious alcohol enthusiast tells the story of a morning when he and Jane Cooney Baker were recovering from a night drenched in wine, “the cheapest you could get, many bottles,” and ended up witnessing a suicide attempt. Click through to watch the clip, and feel free to leave your strangest hangover tale in the comments.