Tina Fey to Play Lisa’s Nemesis on ‘The Simpsons’


What’s more exciting than the story that’s been floating around today that Ryan Lochte is filming a 30 Rock cameo? Lots of things, as far as we’re concerned, but most relevantly, there’s the news that Tina Fey is slated to appear on The Simpsons. Entertainment Weekly reports that Fey will lend her voice to Ms. Cantwell, a substitute teacher who seems to have it out for every educator’s dream student, Lisa. “She gives Lisa a ‘B’ and Ralph an ‘A’ even though Ralph signed his paper ‘Ralpa,'” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told the magazine. “And Lisa has a reading kangaroo with a bunch of little joeys in it for the books that she reads, and [Ms. Cantwell] takes the joeys out and puts them in other kangaroos. Hardcore stuff.” Well, that sounds bizarre, if not atypical of latter-day Simpsons absurdism. Confused as we are, we’re going to go ahead and assume Ms. Cantwell is just jealous of her precocious student.