Flavorpill Plays Show and Tell in the LIFE Photo Archives


Google is now hosting millions of photos from LIFE Magazine in an online archive that goes back to 1860. Yes history buff, that’s the year that the Civil War started. Aside from being an amazing educational resource, it’s also a fun spot for browsing and searching for cool but completely random stuff — like flipping through old magazines at a flea market without the sneeze factor.

After the jump, we let Flavorpill staffers loose in the archive and asked them to send us the first photo that they stumbled across in the vault. Leave us a link to your own finds in the comments area.

Fernanda Diaz, Editorial Intern, Flavorwire.com: Mexico

The “New Look” Of Mexico City by Frank Scherschel

Leah Taylor, Managing Editor, Flavorpill NYC: Errol Flyn

Actor Sean Flynn, son of Errol Flynn by Allan Grant

Jonathan Rahmani, Designer, Flavorpill: women

Five Branded Women by Gjon Mili

Doug Levy, Senior Editor, Flavorpill: The Beatles

The Beatles by John Loengard

Tom Starkweather, Image Editor, Flavorpill: Larry Burrows

Marine Helicopter Operations In Vietnam by Larry Burrows

Audrey Mast, Managing Editor, Flavorpill CHI: cocktails

Waiter Rene Brequet by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Axel Anderson, Associate Editor, Flavorpill: cowboy

Silhouettes of cowboy mounted on horse by Allan Grant

Morgan Phelps, Writer, Flavorpill CHI: September 21, 1959

Cover of LIFE magazine by Ralph Morse