What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?


Oh, admit it — if you’re a book lover, the first thing you look for in another person’s house is their bookshelf. Maybe you’re trying to decide whether to date them, looking for a little innovation, or just itching to add to your own to-read list, but no matter what your goal, a person’s bookshelf says a lot about them. Enter Peter Knox, the creator of our new favorite Tumblr, Share Your Shelf, whose tagline is “You have bookshelves. People want to see them. That’s what happens here.” Excellent.

“Sharing your shelf is sharing yourself – showcasing the building blocks that have crafted your knowledge, personality, and identity,” Knox writes at The Guardian . And it’s not only the books on the shelf that matter — Knox also explains that the method of organization (by color, by size, by author) can be just as indicative of a reader’s personality as the texts themselves. If all of this makes total sense to you, head on over to Share Your Shelf to join us in a little bookish voyeurism. [via The Guardian ]