Classic TV Shows That Deserve a Reboot


Wonder Woman has really been jerking us around lately — first a reboot script was passed on by everyone, then after a tentative pickup, NBC dropped the show after one pilot episode starring Friday Night Lights‘s Adrianne Palicki. But now, we just might see a reboot after all — styled as an origin story, a la Smallville. So we’re (tentatively) excited! While we’re waiting to see if anything actually materializes, we’ve put together a list of a few other classic TV shows that we think deserve a reboot. Click through to check out which shows we’d like to see again (and again), and let us know which you’d choose in the comments!

21 Jump Street

As much as we liked the recent 21 Jump Street film adaptation, it didn’t have that much to do with the original show. We’d love to see a straight modern remake of the original as a series, with an unknown team of baby-faced cops (and actors) battling high school drug dealers and car thieves. Sure, the undercover bit would all get a little more complicated with Facebook and cell phones, but that’d be part of the fun.

Max Headroom

This largely forgotten and completely awesome ’80s TV show is often cited as the first cyberpunk show to air on American television. Set in a future where television networks rule the world, the premise might have to be tweaked a little (it’s computers, you guys), but that “20 Minutes Into the Future” is getting weirder and weirder the more time goes by, and we think it could make for a completely scary modern show.

Gilligan’s Island

We guess you could say that Gilligan’s Island has already been “remade” several times, if not technically — Lost, The Island, etc — but we think there’s more juice to be squeezed from the ragtag-group-on-a-desert-island premise, and we actually love the idea of just a straight modern remake. We just need a whole new cast and a lot more irony.


We don’t know about you, but we just couldn’t get enough Daria, and the show was over much too soon for our liking. The show ended just as Daria and Jane were both accepted to college in Boston, and we desperately want to follow them there. And here’s the great thing — everyone’s animated, so no one’s gotten too old. Come on, MTV!

The Addams Family

We know, we know, The Addams Family has been remade 80 different ways already. But as far as we’re concerned, that’s just a signal that the story hasn’t gotten old yet. Or maybe it’s just that the forthcoming remake of The Munsters has us both excited and nostalgic for the real first family of scary-funny television. Plus, we want to see what Wednesday does with an iPad.

Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow’s cult TV show ended much too early, and now that the director is pretty established, we think it’s time for him to reboot the project. The original cast is probably too old, but that’s the beauty of shows about high school — there’s always a new crop of nerds and stoners to entertain us.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Like Sherlock Holmes, Buffy is one of those rare characters that fans loved so much she had to be literally resurrected. While we feel satisfied by the way things ended, we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a new teenage slayer (or a clique of slayers, you guys) take the reins in a whole new town, with a whole new high school ripe to go down in flames.

The A-Team

Much like 21 Jump Street, we’ve seen the movie, but we’re not satisfied. Plus, renegade soldiers with very special skills on the run from an undeserved rap? That story never, never gets old. Would it be too awkward to do The B-Team?