Lovely Stained Glass-Style Illustrations for ‘Lord of the Rings’


Traditionally, stained glass windows are meant to immortalize great deeds and heroic acts, not to mention give life to magic and mysticism. So obviously, if you’re geeky like us, they strike you as the perfect medium to depict the grand events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Jian Guo’s stained glass window-style illustrations, which we spotted over at i09, give Tolkien’s tale its due, depicting five scenes from the series in such lovely colors and intricate patterns that it almost feels like we can already see the light coming through them. Now if only someone would turn these into real windows! Check out Guo’s illustrations after the jump, and check out more of his artwork here.

Welcome from Lothlórien. Image credit: Jian Guo

Gates of Argonath. Image credit: Jian Guo

Deep into Moria. Image credit: Jian Guo

Birthday Party of Baggins. Image credit: Jian Guo

Rest in Gildor’s Forest. Image credit: Jian Guo