Is the Official ‘Star Trek’ Sequel Title a Clunker?


There was some chatter over the weekend about the official title of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel, but Deadline has confirmed that the rumored moniker is the real deal: Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s missing a colon, which would have made it slightly less embarrassing, but thankfully it’s lacking a dreaded “In2” — or something awful to that effect. The new, troubling name deviates from the franchise formula that has traditionally included roman numerals. Fans and grammarians are already having a field day tearing the title apart, so perhaps if we’re lucky enough, Abrams will get the gumption to toss us a punctuation mark or something.

A look at previous films in the sci-fi canon show a number of one-word clunkers, with Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country being a few of the blandest. Nothing, of course, can surpass the beauty of The Wrath of Khan — a film many fans have been chatting about lately, speculating on a possible tie-in since both movies share sequel spots. Trek past the break (sorry!) to help us rank the series’ best and worst titles, and let us know what you make of the new name. All jokes aside, we’re still excited as ever for May 17 to arrive so we can blind ourselves with crazy lens flares and forget all about this.