Video of the Day: Fred Armisen Needs an Intervention


For the uninitiated, A&E’s Intervention is an addictive reality show that finds people on the brink of total collapse and somehow convinces them that they are being filmed for a documentary. About 45 minutes into each episode, you get the big reveal where the person discovers that they’re actually the subject of an intervention by “a group of people who are just crazy about them,” and that they’ll win a free trip to rehab if they choose to play nice. Some people do, some don’t. That’s half the fun. (The other half is trying to decide who you’d like to have as your interventionist if you were ever on the show. Team Candy!)

After the jump, Funny or Die’s send up of the series, which is about a man who needs an Intervention intervention, courtesy of Fred Armisen and Amy Heckerling. Note: There’s a fun cameo from Armisen’s fiancée, Mad Men‘s Eliasabeth Moss .

[via The Awl]