Jean-Ralphio Returns to ‘Parks and Recreation’


Some very promising news for Parks and Rec fans: showrunner Mike Schur tells The Hollywood Reporter that Ben Schwartz will guest star in at least one episode of the upcoming season for a storyline in which Pawnee’s sleaziest “entrepreneur” helps his best friend launch yet another new business. But don’t expect anything involving Snakejuice or a miniature horse this time around. “[Tom’s] grown up a bit and has learned from his mistakes in the past so it’s about him trying to turn over a new leaf and take what he thinks is actually a good idea for once and turn it into a legitimate business,” Schur explained. “It’s not like a flash of inspiration for the sky where he suddenly gets an idea for an imaginary product and tries to invent it; it’s something that comes very naturally out of everything that you already know about Tom, which is why it feels like a legitimate idea.” Look for the episode featuring “the world’s worst human being” (at least according to Schur) to air on November 1st, and if you’re not already ridiculously excited, we recommend taking five minutes to watch “The Complete Jean-Ralphio” for a reminder of the hilariousness that’s in store.