Who Wants to Play Flaming Lips Bingo?


If you’ve ever been to a Flaming Lips show, you know what to expect: a giant screen projecting psychedelic naked-lady videos, confetti cannons, womb imagery — and, without fail, Wayne Coyne stepping into a giant hamster ball to wade out into the crowd like a certain messiah walking on water. In honor of last night’s Lips performance at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur (perhaps the most appropriate combination of band and venue in history), LA Weekly pointed us to a set of Flaming Lips Bingo cards for fans to use at their live shows. Although we’re not sure how practical it would be to actually play while watching the relentless spectacle of the band’s performance (not to mention while in the throes of certain Lips fans’ substances of choice), the game is spot-on. Check out one of the cards after the jump, and click here to download the entire set, created by St. Louis’ Riverfront Times.