‘Heathers’ TV Series Coming to Bravo


On the list of announcements that have the power to make our day, anything Heathers-related ranks right at the top. So imagine how thrilled we are to discover that Bravo — which is just dipping its toes into scripted programming — is rebooting the 1988 teen-movie classic. The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news that the network has swooped in to save Jenny Bicks’ (of The Big C and Sex and the City fame) project, which had been languishing in the hands of Fox for three years.

The series will pick up 20 years after Heathers and center on Winona Ryder’s character, Veronica, all grown up and back in Sherwood with a teenage daughter of her own. Of course, the girl is faced with a whole new generation of bullies: the Ashleys, offspring of the Heathers, who will hopefully come complete with their own “What’s your damage?”-style catchphrases. Yes, the premise sounds a bit forced, but no network does camp like Bravo, so we’re going to try and keep our nitpicking in check — not to mention hold out the entirely unrealistic hope that Ryder will reprise her role.