Donald Glover Prepping Autobiographical Comedy for NBC


Childish Gambino is getting his own show, according to THR. Community’s Donald Glover, who also served as a writer on 30 Rock for the 2008-2009 season, is close to inking a deal with NBC for a series that will be loosely based on the actor’s life. He’ll also be starring in it, but the website is quick to reassure fans that “the show would be in second position to Community.” We suppose the new venture could mean curtains for the Greendale gang in the future, but THR says Glover would be contractually bound for further seasons of Community if it makes it past its upcoming 13-episode order. For now, be happy to learn that Glover will prep his sitcom with 30 Rock co-exec producer Matt Hubbard. Glover’s been busy with his comedy special Donald Glover Weirdo and his musical alter ego. He also popped up on 30 Rock’s live episode. Are you excited to see Glover develop his own project, or has the Community anxiety already kicked in? School’s back in session when season four of Community premieres October 19 on NBC.