James Cameron: No, There Was Not Room for Two on the ‘Titanic’ Raft


Aficionados of pop-culture conspiracy theories will be familiar with the Reddit-driven idea that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t have to die to save Kate Winslett in Titanic. Using a tape outline to approximate the size of the raft that carried Winslett’s Rose to safety, an industrious redditor found that two human beings could easily fit in the space. But, since we all must answer to the Internet in 2012, an IGN interviewer recently asked Titanic director James Cameron to respond to the theory, and he’s just not having it. “It’s not a question of room, it’s a question of buoyancy,” says Cameron, reminding us that the raft flips over when Jack initially attempts to join Rose on it. So, that’s settled. If you’re still not satisfied, though, the filmmaker also mentions that he’s planning to help Mythbusters debunk the rumor in a future episode. Watch the interview after the jump, and skip to 4:20 if you’re only interested in the raft theory.

[via Gawker]