Exclusive Supercut: 80 Amazing Shots from ‘Boardwalk Empire’


We’re feeling especially excited about cinematography on TV these days, thanks to some gorgeous Breaking Bad video essays that have been making the rounds. And since Boardwalk Empire, another show with incredible visual storytelling appeal, is returning for a new season (this Sunday, at 9pm on HBO), we’ve prepared by retracing the images we loved most from Seasons 1 and 2. Below you’ll find 80 shots in roughly two minutes, which we hope capture the aspects we love most: geometric motifs (in the form of ovals and rectangles), the slightly surreal color palette, and Boardwalk Empire‘s range of beautifully constructed tracking and long shots (or in-your-face, nearly fourth wall-breaking close-ups) — all of course made possible by wonderful choreography, costumes, set design, and effects. Also, men in 1920s swimwear, doing a human pyramid.