The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Some leaked photos of Joel Kinnaman wearing his RoboCop suit on the set of Jose Padilha’s upcoming remake are drawing criticism from film bloggers due to its derivative, Dark Knight-inspired design. [via Huff Post]

2. Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis will guest star on the upcoming season of The New Girl as Jess’ divorced parents; the Thanksgiving-themed episode will feature her trying to “Parent Trap” them back together. [via Splitsider]

3. If your Monday morning could use a little more dusty desert apocalypse action, here’s the Chan Marshall directed video for “Cherokee,” the first single off of Cat Power’s new album Sun.

4. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is crowdsourcing the design for a new tattoo based on Cicely from Northern Exposure; the winner of the contest will receive a cash prize and have their work inked on Vernon’s arm. [via NME]

5. HBO has released a very early teaser for Season 2 of Girls, which returns in January. There’s not much in the way of footage, but it still makes us excited.

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