James Franco’s Cindy Sherman-Inspired Self-Portraits


If there’s one factor that unites James Franco’s artworks across all media, it’s that he is unashamed to appropriate the work of those who inspire him — and if you particularly love or hate him, your strong response likely has something to do with that tendency. We’ve seen him re-enact some of Bruce Nauman’s performance art, and he also recently curated and contributed to a group show that riffed on Rebel Without a Cause.

So it was probably only a matter of time before he took on Cindy Sherman, the art world’s most powerful photographer and the subject of this year’s wildly successful traveling retrospective. The three images below, part of Franco’s contribution to the NEW NO DARK WAVE exhibition at CoSTUME NATIONAL’s Soho store, riff on Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills. In addition to the photos, the show features James Franco’s 40 Minutes, a film that reimagines the 40 lost minutes of the movie Cruising, as well as work by Tobias Wong, Frédéric Beigbeder, Aaron Young, and Daniel Firman. Read more about NEW NO DARK WAVE at Interview.

[via Complex]