Watch the Fraggles, Rob Corddry in Ben Folds Five’s New Video


As Vulture points out, putting the cast of Fraggle Rock in your music video is a one way to ensure that it goes viral with children of the ’80s who grew up watching Gobo and the gang, and years later, would blast Whatever and Ever Amen on repeat as they drove aimlessly around their suburban neighborhood. Or maybe that was just us. Either way, well played, Ben Folds; we are powerless in the face of Uncle Traveling Matt. Click through to watch the Phil Hodges-directed clip for “Do It Anyway” (the first single off of the reunited band’s new album, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind ), which also features appearances by Rob Corddry, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Hardwick. Be sure to stick around until the 5:08 mark to watch them all perform the show’s classic theme song.