10 Sweet Designs Perfect for Chocoholics


The creator of the most imaginative, unconditionally loving comic pal ever to grace the printed page, Charles M. Schulz often reminded us that “all you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” One of the greatest simple pleasures in this life, the psychoactive effect of a square of dark, handmade chocolate goes a long way to making a bad day better. Case in point, according to a Harvard study, chocoholics may live longer than abstainers. And a team of British scientists suggested that eating dark chocolate was more rewarding than passionate kissing.

Why not infuse a little no-calorie cacao goodness into your design life? From a charming muffin pouffe that does double duty as a clever storage unit to a symbolic sofa commenting on the gluttony and excess of our time, click through to check out some of the best chocolate-inspired designs out there today.

Muffin Pouffe by Matteo Bianchi

Image credit: ARCHIscene

Italian designer Matteo Bianchi’s cute pouffe is a comfy leather stool provides additional storage space under the muffin top.

Q chocolate bar by Oscar Niemeyer

Image credit: ArchDaily

Chef and chocolatier Samantha Aquim commissioned legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer to design a chocolate bar worthy of the magical possibilities of the perfect cocoa bean. As their site states, “the final product is a piece of edible architecture that’s 77 percent cocoa. Q comes with seven blends of the chocolate with different levels of intensity and smoothness. A gold-placed utensil and storybook on Q complete the experience.”

LetThemSitCake! sofa by Dejana Kabiljo

Image credit: designboom

Viennese designer Dejana Kabiljo was inspired by Austria’s legendary delectable pastries. Commenting on a political climate not dissimilar from the time of Marie Antoinette, the furniture collection stands for “abundance, growth, joy, prosperity, optimism and sweetness in our times of uncertainty and economic crisis.” Made of stacked bags of wheat covered with an oozing “chocolate” cushion, the sofa looks as comfortable as it does gluttonous.

Chocolate Music Furniture by Michi Jung

Image credit: Michi Jung Design Studio

Chocolate and music in one!

Sweet stool by Sander van der Haar and Neapolitan pillows by Eva Kip for Spell

Image credit: Spell via yatzer

For sweet design addicts everything, this furniture collection dipped in pleasure comes with delightful, guilt-free candies for cushions.

Godiva Chocoiste by Wonderwall

Image credit: Kozo Takayama via dezeen

Taking chocolate design to another level entirely with walls and ceilings dripping with dark delight.

Chocolite by Nemo for Cassina

Image credit: trendir

A small dose of sweet design.

Chocolate couch by Leandro Erlich

Image credit: Dreamwall Style

This edible replica of the iconic Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch really is good enough to eat, literally.

White chocolate table by Artem Zigert

Image credit: Blue Vertical Studio

White “chocolate” on the outside. Milk “chocolate” on the inside. Like a giant white Reese’s peanut butter cup in table form.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

Image credit: dialoguemethod

The most elegant, chocolate-dipped chair and matching coffee table in the world.