Parker Posey Explains How to Deliver the Perfect Emmy Speech


As her recent appearance on Louie confirmed, even if the film world seems confused about what to do with Parker Posey these days, she’s still possesses the charm that made us fall in love with her 17 years ago in Party Girl. Her distinctive on-screen persona is put to good use in a new promo for this Sunday night’s Emmy Awards; playing a veteran acting coach named JA,N (Just Act, Naturally), Posey teaches her master class students everything they need to know about delivering the perfect acceptance speech — which includes giving Bryan Cranston a shout-out, holding the statue like you own it, and pretending to speak a foreign language. (Should you happen to lose, it’s apparently best to just nod knowingly, even if someone is literally throwing egg on your face.) Click through to watch JA,N in action, and let us know in the comments if you plan on tuning in on Sunday night!