Watch Mr. Belding from ‘Saved by the Bell’ Wrestle


You might think that Dennis Haskins, best know as Saved by the Bell’s bumbling principal, Mr. Belding, is desperately clinging to his last shreds of fame. A few years ago, after it came to light that he was a hit on the celebrity karaoke circuit, he released an album with the cumbersome title Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis Haskins a.k.a. Mr. Belding. For a while now, he’s been campaigning to compete on Dancing With the Stars. And now TMZ has video footage of Haskins (who has also appeared in a web series by WWE wrestler Zack Ryder) hosting a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event called Saved by the Ring Bell, where he also got in on the action. At one point, he apparently “dragged his victim all around the ring and taunted him mercilessly… while a masked man in a pink unitard egged him on.”

Taken to this extreme, Haskins’ behavior suggests to us an alternate theory: It’s performance art! If James Franco can have General Hospital, then Mr. Belding can have pro wrestling. Hey, his career isn’t dead! He was on Mad Men last season! At the very least, he’s still doing a whole lot better than Screech.

[via BuzzFeed]