The Craziest ‘Breaking Bad’ Remix You’ll Ever See


Like every other intelligent TV show with a vocal following, Breaking Bad is popular with the viral video crowd. They make video essays about its cinematography, trace Walter White’s devolution from science teacher to meth kingpin, and imagine what the show might look like if Larry David wrote it. A new fan edit that we spotted on the Guardian‘s Tumblr isn’t as high-concept as any of those, but it’s just as delightful and well-executed. It’s simply a series of quotes (and sound effects and meth-inspired exclamations) from Seasons 1 and 2 perfectly remixed over original music. We’re hoping its creator, placeboing, has sequels in the works for the rest of the series — and also that the “Pop pop pop” portion of the video begets some kind of mash-up with Magnitude from Community.