The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. After facing the ire of many professional musicians, Amanda Palmer has announced that she’ll now pay the volunteer string, brass, and saxophone players who have been joining her on stage with money — not just “beer, hugs, merch, free tickets, and love.” [via ArtsBeat]

2. Best Coast is opening for Green Day during the January leg of the band’s upcoming North American tour. The pairing seems kind of strange to us, but maybe it’s a California thing. [via Pitchfork]

3. Melissa McCarthy, we implore you: Please do not join the cast of The Hangover Part III, because then we’re going to feel weirdly obligated to watch it. [via Vulture]

4. “I’m hearing they are going to try and personally attack Gaga — spraying her with paint or even throwing feces at her.” — According to the Chicago Sun Times, certain PETA activists are very unhappy that Lady Gaga has recently re-embraced fur, and they’re planning to do something about it. [via NME]

5. Here’s a smart way to get people to support your bid for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court: feature the reunited cast of The West Wing in your campaign ad. [via Pop Culture Brain]

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