Sasha Grey’s Writing an Erotic Novel That’s Being Compared to ‘Fight Club’


Sasha Grey has busied herself with a number of projects since her film debut in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, including a stint on HBO’s Entourage. Now the former porn actress wants to write an erotic novel, and Deadline reports that she’s secured a deal with imprints Grand Central Publishing and Little, Brown. Grey will make her fiction debut with The Juliette Society, which is being described as Fight Club and “set in a highly sexualized world with an assertive female protagonist.” She’s not trying to reinvent the erotic novel, she told Deadline, but she’s looking to take it “back to its source as a salacious treatment of sex, particularly female sexuality, as something mysterious and sensual.” Last year, Grey published a monograph called Neü Sex that featured photos and intimate essays by the screen star. Will you make the leap with her into fiction, or would you rather just read these books? Your Fifty Shades of Grey joke goes here.