Watch ‘SNL’ Skewer Romney Video and Fox News


Mitt Romney’s notorious “47%” video wasn’t just a gift to Barack Obama — it was also a gift to comedians. Saturday Night Live always hits its stride during a presidential-election season, and we would have been disappointed if the show didn’t knock this easy pitch out of the park. The hilarious clip opened the first of two primetime SNL election specials, which aired last night on NBC. Not only does Jason Sudeikis’ Romney identify for us who “these people” who don’t pay taxes and will never vote for him are, but SNL’s faux Fox & Friends also spins some other secret videos of the candidate at “The Mac-Donald’s,” riding in a Cash Cab, and singing about poor people in the shower. Watch the sketch below, and try not to get Romney’s song stuck in your head, because it’s going to be pretty awkward if you start singing it in public.

[via THR]