James Franco Has a New Motown-Chillwave-Ryan McGinley Music Video for You


James Franco, who has already appeared on Flavorwire twice this week, starring in a NSFW film trailer and paying homage to Cindy Sherman, has a new music video. In true Franco fashion, this isn’t part of his collaboration with Kalup Linzy — it’s a whole new project. He’s teamed up with “musician-artist” Tim O’Keefe to form a band called Daddy. Inspired by Motown and recorded during Franco’s stint in Detroit to film Oz: The Great and Powerful, their first EP is titled MotorCity, features guest vocals by Smokey Robinson, and is set for release this coming Tuesday.

“Love in the Old Days” takes the Motown influence quite literally, to the extent that it even includes some spoken-word interludes, but also has a kind of diffuse, chillwave vibe. Directed by Franco, the clip underlines the latter aesthetic, full of sexy, psychedelic beach shots that recall nothing more than the photos of Ryan McGinley. Revel in the ecstasy of influence below, and read more about Daddy at Rolling Stone.