Watch a Trailer for Gus Van Sant’s ‘The Promised Land’ Starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski


Our ears always perk up at the mention of Gus Van Sant, but they got even perkier than normal when we first saw the trailer for this film, which was co-written by and is co-starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski, plus Frances McDormand and Hal Holbrook to boot. The Promised Land follows the story of two corporate salespeople who show up in a farming town to buy the rights to drill on their property — for millions of dollars. It should be easy, but the town has a few unexpected dissidents. We’ll hold judgement until we see the whole film, but judging from the trailer, it seems like a deeply American story and possibly crucial story of personal integrity, possibility and the way our lives are changing. We’re also betting on some killer performances. Watch the trailer after the jump, and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

[via Indiewire]