Watch a Supercut of All of the Kissing from ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’


We’ve previously sung the praises of SNL scribe Mike O’Brien’s brilliant 7 Minutes in Heaven web series before, but you know what’s even better than watching him awkwardly put the moves on one celebrity? Watching him put the moves on nearly 20 celebrities in succession. Seriously, it’s just so entertaining! Our favorite interview-ending smooch has to be his failed attempt to seduce Christina Ricci by telling her that she’s not “weird or dour.” Or maybe it’s the really strange upper lip licking thing that happens with Seth Meyers — who we believe is technically his boss. Or perhaps that incredibly passionate kiss that he shares with Patricia Clarkson… Given that as far as we know there are no new webisodes in the works, we suppose that we’ll have to get our jollies by with watching this over and over again — and we’re totally OK with that.

[via Vulture]