Andrew WK, Kristen Schaal, Anthony Bourdain, and Other Familiar Faces Star in Joey Ramone’s “New York City” Video


The idea of another posthumous Joey Ramone album may trouble us, but a new music video for a track off “…yaknow?” has forced us to admit that it’s not all bad. Directed by Greg Jardin, “New York City” is a stop-motion homage to Ramone’s hometown, juxtaposing more than 100 locals wearing the band’s signature leather jackets with over 1600 photographs taken throughout the boroughs. Among the participants are a whole lot of famous New Yorkers, from Anthony Bourdain and Andrew WK to Kristen Schaal and Reggie Watts. Music fans will will recognize members of Les Savy Fav, the Dictators, Matt & Kim, and The Drums. And, of course, Ramone’s band mates and collaborators — including Tommy Ramone, producer Ed Stasium, and Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh — also appear. However you feel about the album, the video is a loving tribute that’s sure to strike a chord with New Yorkers and Ramones fans alike.