Video of the Day: Julian Casablanca’s First On-Camera Interview in Three Years


Stereogum notes that Julian Casablancas is already doing the press rounds for his upcoming solo full-length Phrazes For The Young. In this video interview — his first in three years — the sleepy-eyed Strokes frontman discusses his goal for the new album (“to capture the catchiness of modern music but, at the same time, the power and seriousness of classical music and older music”), the fact that there are at least 10 great bands out there right now (among them Beirut, Telepathy, Dirty Projectors and Beach House), and the last two movies he has seen — Up! and Star Trek. On a side note, we’re wondering who conducted the interview; from the looks of it, it was done internally, which is strange as this is a story most music media outlets would be gunning for…

As a few angry commenters point out, the snippets of his forthcoming solo stuff reminds us of Muse. Are you looking forward to it?