Watch Eclectic Method’s Awesome ‘Revenge’ Remix


We’re not too proud to admit that we’ve been counting the days until the Season 2 premiere of Revenge on Sunday night since the insane finale aired in May. ABC’s break-out primetime soap is one of our favorite guilty pleasures for a good reason: it’s escapist television at its finest, the perfect mix of glossy visuals and totally over-the-top, cliffhanger-happy storylines. It’s a bit like watching one of the Real Housewives shows, but with a few characters who are actually believable — not to mention, a lot more likeable. If, like us, you’re anxiously waiting to see what happens to Emily Thorne and her arch nemesis Victoria Grayson (come on, we’re not buying that she’s really dead!), then this clever video put together by Eclectic Method won’t answer any of your burning questions (Is Amanda’s baby really Jack’s? Are Daniel and Ashley getting together? Is Nolan somehow related to Emily? And most importantly, who is Emily’s mom?), but it might help tide you over until the second season begins. And if you’ve never seen the show before, well, we can’t think of a better introduction to the sudsy madness of it all. Enjoy!