Watch Abed from ‘Community’ Give Advice to Teen Girls


We know it’s meant for teenagers, but Rookie‘s “Ask a Grown Man” series is still one of our favorite things on the Internet, recruiting grown-up male celebrities to answer girls’ personal questions. The site’s readers have solicited advice from the likes of Jon Hamm, Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Hannibal Buress, and more. They’re even currently campaigning via Twitter to draft Barack Obama. We’re pleased to see that, while the president checks his schedule, Rookie has posted a new “Ask a Grown Man” starring Danny Pudi. As it turns out, the Community star’s social skills far outstrip those of his character, Abed. Don’t be afraid to let out an audible “awwww” as he tells one girl, “I’m a big fan of embracing your body type, whatever it is” and recommends that another compare notes on a cheating boyfriend with her best female friend.