Watch Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in the Trailer for ‘Identity Thief’


It’s not like us to get so excited about broad Hollywood comedies, but check out Identity Thief: Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy co-star as a yuppie with an androgynous name and the big-haired Florida woman who steals his identity and maxes out his credit card. After reporting the theft and missing his court date, Bateman decides to hunt down McCarthy on his own. Hilarity — including some amusingly unlikely action sequences — ensues. Aside from the joy of seeing two of our favorite comic actors play off each other, Identity Thief boasts the directing talents of Seth Gordon, who brought us not only last year’s surprisingly decent Horrible Bosses but also the wonderful video game documentary The King of Kong. The movie hits theaters February 8th.

[via Pop Culture Brain]