Behold! The First Official Animated GIF Movie Poster


If the London Olympics taught us one thing, it was that everything — especially footage of Anne Romney’s horse Rafalca — is better as an animated GIF. Case in point: the official animated GIF version of the poster for Rian Johnson’s new time travel flick Looper, which hits theaters tomorrow. As far as we know, it’s the first of its kind. Once you click through, we promise that it will seem kind of weird to you that movie posters didn’t move in the past — or at least, that’s how we feel. What do you think? Is the recent GIF resurgence just a flash in the pan, or could you imagine the trend having a lasting impact on the visuals of film advertising?

And while we’re talking Looper promotion, also of interest: this gorgeous trailer for the film created by artist Zachary Johnson (the director’s cousin) and animator Noah Fisher, that involved hand painting over 700 frames. Not exactly the most effective teaser, but given the overwhelmingly positive notices that Looper has received from critics, perhaps it doesn’t need to do more than sit there and look pretty.

It also resulted in these crazy, beautiful GIFs: