Retro Travel Posters Inspired by ’80s Pop Culture


Walley World. Delta City. The Bushwood Country Club. If you could visit any fictional location from the films that you grew up watching, what would it be? Tonight Around the World in an 80’s Daze, an exhibition of new work by illustrators Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo, opens at Gallery 1988’s Venice location. Done in the style of vintage travel posters, the collection of eye-catching screenprints pays homage to ’80s pop culture touchstones ranging from Vacation to the ThunderCats. The show will be on view through October 20th, but if your afternoon could use a nice shot of nostalgia, click through to preview some of our favorite pieces now!

Caddyshack. Image credit: Dave Perillo

Thundercats. Image credit: Dave Perillo

Airplane. Image credit: Dave Perillo

National Lampoon’s Vacation. Image credit: Dave Perillo

Strange Brew. Image credit: Dave Perillo

The Terminator. Image credit: Tom Whalen

RoboCop. Image credit: Tom Whalen

Clash of the Titans. Image credit: Tom Whalen

Halloween 3. Image credit: Tom Whalen

A Nightmare On Elm Street. Image credit: Tom Whalen

Predator. Image credit: Tom Whalen