5 Questions With… PSFK Senior Editor Dan Gould


1. Why did you decide to hone in on Brooklyn in your latest Snapshot book? At PSFK, we spend a good portion of our time scanning culture for relevant trends and inspiration to share with our audience at PSFK.com. Brooklyn seemed like an appropriate area to explore, due to its rich cultural diversity and the number of innovative happenings going on throughout the borough.

2. Did you learn anything in putting it together that you didn’t already know about the borough? There’s always more to learn — so many new things pop up every week. We basically pooled the PSFK team’s collective knowledge of the area, and used our network of experts (The Purple List) to add to that.

3. Do you see this as a book for New Yorkers or for people who don’t live here? Although it’s aimed at people who may not be very familiar with the area, even long-time residents can learn something new.

4. What’s your favorite song about Brooklyn? That’s a tough one to pin down — anything by Biggie, I suppose.

5. If you could live in any Brooklyn nabe, which one would you pick and why? There are so many great neighborhoods. I live in Fort Greene, it’s pretty ideal as far as being convenient, beautiful and maintaining a community feel.

PSFK Snapshot Brooklyn: Inspiration from Brooklyn, NY is available now; preview it here.