Daily Dose Pick: Grain Edit


A font of retro-inspiration, Grain Edit is dedicated to mid-century graphic design and its contemporary disciples.

With an aesthetic shaped by design heroes such as Milton Glaser, Charley Harper, and Paul Rand, the Oakland-based site hand-picks vintage brochures, illustrations, stamps, children’s books, posters, and even home plans for its ongoing visual throwback. Visitors can also read in-depth interviews with today’s leading designers, download one-of-a-kind desktop wallpapers, and vie for coveted giveaways.

Browse the site, read an interview with artist Kevin Dart, scroll through some vintage Porsche posters, download a desktop wallpaper, get on the Grain Edit RSS feed, and follow the site’s favorite tweeting designers.

Flight of the Conchords Concert Poster designed by Jesse LeDoux of Patent Pending. 18″ x 24″.

Mr. Angelo by Marjory Schwalje - Illustrations by Abner Graboff c1960

TWA Poster by David Klein, c1950-1960

Edward McGowan illustration for The Times Newspaper

Olivetti Lettera 22 Manual

By Tim Gough

By Natsko Seki