Watching ‘Gangnam Style’ Without Music Is Awkward for Everyone


Whether you were one of the first adopters of underground South Korean hip hop artist PSY’s ludicrous video “Gangnam Style” or only caught wind of it when you saw it parodied on SNL, you know it by now. But wait, because it’s going to get even weirder. YouTube user Moto2h has created a music-less version of the song, taking the official a capella version and adding sound effects like whinnying horses and wind machine roars in the appropriate places. Especially hilarious are the segments of dancing in which all you can hear is the clomp of sneakers against the floor — you almost feel embarrassed for everybody, as if someone suddenly shone a bright light into a college dance party. Perhaps not unrelated to that sensation is the air of a strange, self-reflective art piece the video has. So are we making viral art about our viral videos now? Watch the video after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments.

[via Gawker]