Virgin Mary Figurines Reimagined as Pop Culture Icons


If you really want to piss off a Catholic, then mess with the Virgin Mary. That’s what French artist Soasig Chamaillard discovered when she created a series of pop culture-inspired sculptures out of damaged statuettes of the religious figure that she had sourced from donations and garage sales. “I suspected that this could shock the sensibilities of certain people, but I didn’t think there would be so many of them,” Chamaillard told ARTINFO France last year. “As an artist, you don’t necessarily see the clash between your internal world and the external world.”

That said, she still stands behind her work: “Faith should be strong enough to remain unshaken by simple objects. I think they need to step back from the object and not forget that it’s an artistic work.” What do you think? Are these Virgin Marys blasphemous, or do the controversial pieces give the Biblical heroine some modern context, as Chamaillard says that she intended? Click through a selection of images, and give us your take in the comments.

Soasig Chamaillard, Super Mary

Soasig Chamaillard, Sainte Barbie

Soasig Chamaillard, Holy Moon

Soasig Chamaillard, My Little Mary

Soasig Chamaillard, Super Mary O

Soasig Chamaillard, Bloody Mercy

Soasig Chamaillard, Hello Mary

Soasig Chamaillard, Pink Power etc.

Soasig Chamaillard, Holy Force

Soasig Chamaillard, New Moon