Daily Dose Pick: Dean Chamberlain


Photographer Dean Chamberlain’s image-making process employs dramatic color and movement to create surreal landscapes, portraits, and videos.

Chamberlain uses hours-long exposures and kinetic, richly colored light to capture lush, dreamlike images without computer manipulation. His best known work is an iconic portrait of his longtime friend Timothy Leary, but his portrait of David Bowie and video for Duran Duran’s “Missing” are evidence of his equal presence in the music world.

The Leary portrait is part of Chamberlain’s Psychedelic Pioneers series, featuring consciousness-expansion activists that also include Terence McKenna and Albert Hofmann, made in support of the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) program.

Explore Chamberlain’s head trip of a website, watch the artist at work, take in a second Chamberlain-directed Duran Duran video, and if you’re near Venice, CA, see the Pioneers exhibition in person.

Duran Duran, “Missing”

Timothy Leary

Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD

Keith Haring

Tree, Roots, Steps

Journalist, author, and alt-culture hero Daniel Pinchbeck

Yellow Road

Jeff Koons

Ed Ruscha

Terence McKenna