Sufjan Stevens Releasing Ridiculously Fun Christmas Box Set


Since the holiday season is basically upon us the minute temperatures drop below 70, the time has come for the seasonal onslaught of Christmas album announcements. Of course, that means indie rock’s very own Christmas elf is back with a brand-new box set, Silver & Gold, that collects five Yuletide EPs recorded between 2006 and 2010. Featuring collaborations with members of The National, Arcade Fire, Danielson, and more, the CD box set will be available November 13th via Asthmatic Kitty.

There’s also a digital version, but considering that the physical release will be stuffed like a Christmas stocking with stickers, temporary tattoos, a paper ornament, song lyrics and chord charts for sing-alongs, “hallucinogenic photographs and psychedelic graphic design (by Sufjan Stevens, drug-free since 1975),” and something described as a “an apocalyptic pull-out poster,” the CD box set looks like the far superior option. The vinyl version, meanwhile, will also include a Christmas coloring book, but it may not be out in time for the holidays. And if that’s not enough options, consider the Mail Order Vinyl Box Set, filled with all of the above plus “a special set of gifts due to arrive before Christmas 2012.” Intriguing! Click through to listen to a track from the box set, see all five excellent EP covers and a funny page from the coloring book that finds Santa Claus getting a tattoo.

Image via Pitchfork. Click here for a printable PDF.