Famous Designers Interpet the Idea of “Public” in Beautiful Poster Series


The design-forward and civic-minded cycle company PUBLIC recently invited 27 renowned international designers to “interpret the concept of ‘public’ with a vision to reclaim urban streets, sidewalks and spaces for walking, biking and other social purposes.” The company hopes to shed light on what it views as a central issue to city infrastructure, namely, the meaning and accessibility of public space. Poster design, itself a traditionally public medium, suggests that designers have much to contribute in trying to re-conceive popular views of urbanism, transportation, or pedestrianism. Take a look at some of our favorite responses below. All 27 of the “PUBLIC WORKS” series posters are available for purchase here.

“PUBLIC” poster by Paula Scher

“PUBLIC” poster by Dana Arnett

“PUBLIC” poster by Erik Spiekermann

“PUBLIC” poster by Paul Sahre

“PUBLIC” poster by Niklaus Troxler

“PUBLIC” poster by Frank Viva

“PUBLIC” poster by John Bielenberg

“PUBLIC” poster by Jeremy Mende

“PUBLIC” poster by Jennifer Sterling

“PUBLIC” poster by Sagmeister & Walsh