Illustrations Imagine How Disney Movies Might Look If Villains Won


In an alternate universe, as in the Hans Christian Anderson tale it’s based on, Disney’s The Little Mermaid has a very different ending: Ursula wins and makes herself a feast of Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle. Puppy fans, brace yourself, because that same world finds Cruella de Vil getting that Dalmatian-fur coat she wanted so badly. This parallel reality exists in the mind of Justin Turrentine, an artist whose series Happy Endings imagines how Disney movies might look if the villains were victorious. See the series below, and visit Turrentine’s deviantART page to buy prints.

Justin Turrentine, Ursula’s Dinner

Justin Turrentine, Cruella’s Coat

Justin Turrentine, Maleficent’s Statuary

Justin Turrentine, The Queen’s Fancy

Justin Turrentine, The Tremaine Trio’s Triumph

[via Laughing Squid]