An A-Z Guide to ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Style


Tomorrow marks the twenty-second anniversary of the premiere of Beverly Hills, 90210 . The show’s soap-style drama was as amazing as its wardrobe — full of trendy, grungy, ridiculous fashions that every 1990’s teen coveted like crazy. Nothing compared to the sideburns and baby doll dresses that Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Dylan, David, Donna, and friends made us love. Some 90210 staples have never lost their luster, while other designs were embarrassing experiments — but we just can’t resist them. We’ve catalogued the best of 90210 style for you in a handy A-Z guide. See what cropped cuts and denim delights await you, below.

Aerobic accessories

Lycra lived at West Beverly Hills High.

Boyfriend blazer

The bigger the better (as seen on Kelly) — unless it was absurdly cropped. Andrea’s always covered her homewrecking kneecaps.

Cobweb sweater

In the case of Kelly, she always looked like the perfect doily.


Ray Pruit (Jamie Walters) is breaking all the rules.

Edgy bangs

Did you ever really stop wanting these bangs?

Flowered baby-doll dress

One of the best fashion moments on the show.


Brenda and Kelly ended up wearing the same dress to the Spring formal, but B’s opera length gloves won us over to her side.

Half shirt

Donna couldn’t resist anything barely there.

Intimate apparel

For those moments when Brandon and Valerie did this.


No bling here. Just big, gaudy costume jewelry — because even though your parents could afford to buy you a nose job, real pearls were just out of the question.


Blame the bulky sweaters on Brenda’s Minnesota influence.

Letterman jacket

Steve really wore it to accent his sports car — a Corvette with a license plate that read, “I8A4RE.”

Mom jeans

It was an epidemic.

Neck tie

Jim Walsh’s, of course.

Oxford shirt

Steve couldn’t let the curly mullet steal all the thunder, so he classed it up with a crisp Oxford on occasion.

Peter Pan collar

It wouldn’t be Beverly Hills, 90210 without dressing Andrea like a 1990’s Little Lord Fauntleroy — heavy on the shoulder pads.

Quirky hat

Donna was having a Blossom moment.

Ruffled peasant top

Peasant or poet, put a ruffle on it.


Dylan’s powers of seduction emanated from his sideburns.


So very Rebel Without a Cause.

Ugly shirts

If it had neon color blocking or indescribable patterns, it was on the show. As the years went by, David Silver became king of the ugly shirt. (The ugly vest was also a thing.)

Vampy everything

Brenda was the vampiest, ever. Dark, matte lipstick. Messy updo. Black and sheer.


Dylan’s surfer duds always paired nicely with Brenda’s bitchface.

XL Suits

David swimming in a ridiculously large suit… with tails.


Early on, 90210 was definitely a blondes versus brunettes style setup, but eventually the flaxen-haired Donna and Kelly experimented with color.


Dylan’s leather motorcycle jacket looked better on Brenda.